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Is the finger monkey real? Many people can not believe there are some monkeys like finger size on the world. However, the finger monkeys are real. In the following, it will give you a simple introduction of finger monkey facts.

What do Finger Monkeys Look Like?

Finger Monkeys usually have furry body, and they come in a brownish color with black spots. However, its underbelly is somewhat whitish or creamy-like in color. Finger monkey is generally brownish in color with length 12-15 cm or 4.75- 6 inches, and its tail measures 17-23 cm or 7-9 inches and its weight is about 100-125 g or 3.53-4 oz. They have almond-shaped eyes.

In addition, some of its main characteristics include being the smallest primate and being the tiniest monkey around the globe that can actually fit in a human palm. It has ringed tail that is as long as its body in length. It usually spent more of its time on trees and its coloring gives it camouflage.

It has long, protruding large teeth that are the same in length as their canines. Its specially adapted teeth are purposely for it to be able to bite and gnaw into the bark of trees in order for it to feed on the sap. It is extremely difficult to observe as it very agile and very active when it moves through the trees. You can look at the picture in the following.

Pet Marmoset Monkeys

Finger Monkey on the shoulder

What is Finger Monkeys’ Real Name?

“Finger monkey” this term is from its body size. The real name of finger monkey is pygmy marmoset, and the Latin name for Pygmy Marmoset is Callithrix pygmaea.  Another name for it is a pocket monkey. Their head and body only measure five inches but their tail can grow reaching eight to nine inches. Their black-ringed tail makes the major portion of their thirteen to fourteen inch long body.

They are also called as a tiny lion because they have mane–like fur throughout its head similar with that of a lion.

What is Full Grown Finger Monkey Like?

Moreover, they reach the adult size at two years; male species weighs 5 oz, which are heavier than female species, which only weighs 4 oz. Both sexes have similar physical features; however, both differ when it comes to height and weight.

How Long is Finger Monkey Lifespan?

It is essential to note that their lifespan in the wild and in captivity greatly differs. Their average lifespan is about eleven to fifteen years but there are some of them who can live as far as 25 years.

Where are Finger Monkeys From?

Pygmy Marmosets are generally found in the rainforests of Peru, Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador in Western South Africa; they are barely seen on the ground as they spend more of their time on trees.

Finger Monkey Diet

Pygmy Marmosets are known to be omnivores so their primary diet includes a gum or a tree sap. They also munch on insects, nectar, leaves and fruits.

Finger Monkey Social Group

They usually live in groups of around two to six members, and this comprise of a breeding pair as well as their offspring. Indeed, they are restricted to immediate area and are willing to defend an area between 25 up to 100 acres. They sleep up in the trees in close proximity with their existent central feeding source.

Finger Monkey Breeding Routine

After finger monkey gestation period that lasts for about 119 up to 140 days, they are able to give birth to two young but in some cases, they could even have as much as three. Their usual birth weight is 0.5 oz or 15 g. It is interesting to know that the male species are the ones that take better care of their young; they carry them around on their back until they reach about two months old. On the other hand, the female species are the ones responsible for feeding and cleaning times. They generally reach sexual maturity at age 1 to 1.5 years and then they can give birth to two litters of young for each year.

Other Facts of Finger Monkey

Other important facts about Pygmy Marmoset include their being predators, which are composed of jaguarondi, pit vipers, margay, tayra, oncilla and the ocelot. Its subspecies are classified into two namely Pygmaea niveiventris and Pygmaea pygmaea. These primates also belong to the family Callitrichidae, species Cebuella and genus C. pygmaea. Once you are closely connected to them, they grip and hug tightly on your fingers. They are so small and cute that you would surely wish to take them home with you. Their name is so easy to remember, as the reason why they are called finger monkey is that they are finger size in length.

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