Is it Legal to Own a Finger Monkey–Primates Laws

Before owning a finger monkey or any exotic animals, it is best to consider certain things like is it legal in your country, what are he papers needed and so on. The important thing is you have to follow country and state regulations. The best way to to first before owning a primate is to ask first the enforcement officer of the Department of Fish and Game or The Division of Wildlife for your state, and ask them where you can find your animal ordinance state. If your state doesn’t prohibit you from owning primate them move to your community enforcement officer and ask them about your state animal ordinance. You can ask for the list of species that are banned and allowed in your place to make sure that you can own one. Zoning Laws such as residential or commercial classification can also be a hindrance in you owning a primate.

If it is illegal to own a primate as a pet in your country, then you cannot get a permit. There are certain standards to follow before you can apply a permit if your country allows you to own a primate. Depending on the Permit requirement, You may need to apply or register your primate pet and apply with your state’s Division of Wildlife .

It is your responsibility to contact the state of Wildlife Department to know what are the legal requirements needed before deciding to own a primate in your area. Don’t forget that when you’re traveling with a primate, you will be needing a Health certificate for entry pass for your buddy so as Entry/ travel permit.



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Below is the List of contact information of State for each Wildlife department:

1.Alabama: No restrictions, no permit required to own a monkey. (Ala. Administrative Code 220-2-.26)

Legislative Reference Service, Administrative Procedure Division,
435 Alabama State House,
Montgomery, Alabama 36130.
Telephone: (334) 242-7570.

2.Alaska: Chimpanzees prohibited, though people that kept a pet chimpanzee before January 2010 were allowed to obtain permits for their animals. (Alaska Administrative Code 5.92.029-030)

3. Arizona: No keeping orangutans, gorillas or chimpanzees as pets, unless you are moving into the state and already have one – must apply for a permit. Other kinds of primates can be kept, as long as they are not sick. (Ariz. Administrative Code R12-4-405; 4-426) . Contact Info :

4. Arkansas: No regulations of monkey ownership.

5. California: Banned on private ownership of non-human primates, except for research and assistance animals and primates shown as parts of exhibitions. (California Code Regs. 14.671)

6. Colorado: Ban on most exotic animals kept for non-commercial reasons, including non-human primates. (2 Colo. Code Regs. 406-11)

7.Connecticut: Against the law for people to possess “potentially dangerous animals,” including great apes. Primates weighing less than 35 pounds at adulthood and brought into the state before October 2003 are not banned. (Conn Gen. Stat. 26-40a)

8. Delaware: No possession of wild animals not found in Delaware without a permit. (Del. Code 3.7201)

9.Florida: Banned on owning orangutans chimpanzees,gorillasand baboons unless the primate was in possession before August 1980. Smaller primates may only be owned with a permit from the state. (Fla. Administrative Code Ann. 68A-6)

10.Georgia: Strict permit requirements for primates. Capuchin monkeys allowed, with permit, as ‘helper monkeys’. (Georgia Code 27.5.4) Dept. of Natural Resources
Game and Fish Division (404)656-0778 or 656-35-3523

11. Hawaii: Primates not allowed for personal possession outside of research, zoos or wildlife sanctuaries. (Hawaii Administrative Rules 4.6.71)Land and Natural Resources (808)587-0377 or 5448-2681

12.Idaho: No regulations, Permit required. (Idaho Code 36-701)Fish and Game Dept.(208) 334-3736 or 327-7025

13. Illinois: Banned on private possession of primates, unless the primate was obtained before January 2011. (Ill. Comp. Stat. 720.585)

14. Indiana: Primates allowed. Division of Fish and Wildlife (317)232-4080 or 232-4040

15. Iowa: Banned on “dangerous animals,” including non-human primates. (Iowa Code Ann. 717.F)

Dept. of National Resources (515)281-4508 or 281-5638

16. Kansas: Primates allowed. Dept. of Wildlife and Parks (316)671-5911

17. Kentucky: Banned on dangerous exotic animals also includes non-human primates.(Ky. Administrative Regs 301.2.082)

18. Louisiana: Banned on keeping non human primates as pets. (La. Administrative Code 76.115)

19. Maine: Permits required for exotic animals; approved on a case by case basis, according to Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (207)287-2571 or 289-3651

20. Maryland: Nonhuman primates banned as pets. (Md. Criminal Law Code Ann. 10-621)

21. Massachusetts: Monkeys cannot be kept as pets. (Massachusetts Division of Fisheries HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “” Wildlife)

22. Michigan: Pet monkeys are allowed with permit – but a bill was introduced in September 2012 that would ban private possession of nonhuman primates. Kindly CONTACT your representative to voice your OPPOSITION .Dept. of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division (517)373-1263

23. Minnesota: Banned on keeping nonhuman primates. (Minn. Statutes 346.155)

24. Mississippi: Certain primates that are dangerous to humans are banned: macaques, chimpanzees, baboons, gibbons, orangutans, gorillas, mandrills, . (Miss. Code Ann. 49.8.5)

25.Missouri: No restrictions on keeping primates(Illegal in St. Louis, Kansas City, Branson) Chapter 578, Miscellaneous Offenses, Section 578.023

26. Montana: Nonhuman primates are allowed,should have permits and health certificates. (Montana Statutes 87-5-701 to 725)Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (406)444-2950 ot 444-2535

27.Nebraska: No restrictions on keeping primates as pets.

28.Nevada: No permit required for possessing, transporting, importing or exporting primates. (Nev. Administrative Code 503.140)

29. New Hampshire: Banned on nonhuman primate possession, except for animal exhibitors. (N.H. Code Admin R Fis 804.04)

30. New Jersey: Banned on keeping monkeys and apes as pets, as “they are potentially dangerous species.” (N.J. Administrative Code 7.25-4.8)

31. New Mexico: Banned on monkeys and apes as house pets. (New Mexico Department of Game HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “” Fish)

32. New York: Banned on all nonhuman primates, except for designated companion animals for paralyzed persons (N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law 11)Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Division of Fish and Wildlife (518)457-3400 or 439-7635

33. North Carolina: Restriction of dangerous animals allocated to cities. (N.C. Sess. Laws 160A-187)

34. North Dakota: Permit and clean bill of health required to import primates. (N.D. Administrative Code 48-12-01)

35. Ohio: No permits required to possess primates; permits required to bring them into the state.

36. Oklahoma: Permits required for primates. (Okla. Stat. 29.4-107)

37. Oregon: Exotic pets, including nonhuman primates, were banned in 2010; residents that had permits for primates before law went into effect allowed to keep them. Service monkeys are exempt from the ban.

38. Pennsylvania: Ban on private possession of all nonhuman primates. (Penn. Code 58.137.1)

39. Rhode Island: Permit required (R.I. General Laws 4-18-3)Division of Fish and Wildlife (401)277-3576 or 789-3094

40. South Carolina: No laws restricting possession of primates.

Wildlife and Marine Resources Division (803)734-3833 or 734-3888

41. South Dakota: Permits required to possess and import nonhuman primates. (S.D. Administrative Regulations 12:68:18:03) Dept. of Game, Fish and Parks (605)773-3485 or 773-3381

42. Tennessee: Certain primates banned: gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, gibbons, siamangs, mandrills, baboons. Other monkeys not regulated by the state. (Tenn. Code Ann. 70-4-403) Wildlife Resources Agency (615)781-6585 or 781-6610

43. Texas: License required for great apes – gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, baboons. No regulations for monkeys. (Texas Health HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “” Safety Code)Texas
Parks and Wildlife Dept. (512)389-4419 or 389-4822

44. Utah: Nonhuman primates banned. (Utah Administrative Code R657-3-24)

45. Vermont: Nonhuman primates and other animals cannot be possessed without a permit – but no personal possession permits for exotic pets are ever actually issued to individuals, according to animal advocacy group Born Free, making it an effective ban. (Vermont Statutes 10.4709)

46. Virginia: No state requirements for possessing nonhuman primates.

47. Washington: Nonhuman primates banned. (Rev. Wash. Code 16.30)

48. West Virginia: No state concerning exotic animals.

49. Wisconsin: No restrictions on nonhuman primates.

50. Wyoming: Primates banned, according to Born Free: “according to WY Fish and Game, it is unlawful to possess all other exotic animals such as, tigers, lions, primates, wolves, bears, etc.”

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